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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Silver Rain by Jan Ruth

Silver RainSilver Rain by Jan Ruth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another absolutely brilliant reads from Jan Ruth.

What can I say about Al. I thought him very immature at the start of the book even in his fifties. He annoyed me being with Jo as although she was very much younger, emotionally she seemed more mature.

Kate seemed one confusing lady sometimes, but at a pinnacle in her life it wasn't surprising.

There's a lot that happens in this book but with Jan's sense of fun and wittism comes through I am sure of it in the naming of the animals!!! A pig named Bacon And two dogs named Butter and Marge had me laughing out load, not to mention the sentence with Des OConner!

The serious twist at the end kept me turning page after page.

Al then grew on me, a very likeable feeling man shone through.

Jan Ruth is a brilliant author that should be in the league of Best Sellers, she's professional, great weaver of words and stories. Her dialogues are brilliant.
If you've not had a chance to read one of Jan Ruth's books may I encourage you to give Silver Rain a try.
Al is the black sheep of his family, Kate, the good shepherd of hers. Can black and white become silver, or just a dark and dangerous grey?

Alastair Black has revealed a secret to his wife in a last ditch attempt to save his marriage. A return to his childhood family home at Chathill Farm is his only respite, although he is far from welcomed back by brother George.
Kate, recently widowed and increasingly put upon by daughter, sister and mother, feels her life is over at fifty. Until she meets Alastair. He’s everything she isn’t, but he’s a troubled soul, a sad clown of a man with a shady past. When his famous mother leaves an unexpected inheritance, Kate is caught up in the unravelling of his life as Al comes to terms with who he really is.
Is Alastair Black her true soulmate, or should Sleeping Beauty lie?

This publication is written in British English. Spellings and grammatical conventions are conversant with the UK.

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