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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Perfect Lie by Teresa Mummert

Perfect LiePerfect Lie by Teresa Mummert
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Yes, yes yes! This book has everything in it. I loved it.

Someone told me NOT to read others reviews or it would spoil it for me, so I didn't.

I saw a couple of clues in this book, but not the one where he said "not to go to school today" as this was of paramount importance!

The book had me hooked, I had to read this in one sitting, thank goodness I didn't have many interruptions today as I'd have been in a sulk!

Teresa Mummert has written an outstanding book, I cannot rave about this enough, you must must must must, read this.
Sometimes love burns so hot in your veins that it consumes all rational thought. 
That’s why Brock and I never had a chance. I had to start my life over. College was my chance to become someone new. I changed everything about myself to fit in, but one person saw through my facade. 
The attraction between Abel and I was undeniable, but I still hadn’t healed from the painful secret I carried around with me. Abel struggled to get me to face my past in order to move forward. In doing so, he revealed a secret of his own; one that changed everything I thought I knew. 
A secret that would bring Brock back into my life and force me to face the truth of what really happened the day I lost him

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