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Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Secret Santa Wishing Well by Nikki Lynn Barrett

The Secret Santa Wishing WellThe Secret Santa Wishing Well by Nikki Lynn Barrett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well, I loved this book! I got it from Aspendawn Books via Net Galley. I've read some of Nikki Lynn Barrett books before and loved them.

Do you know what I liked about this book?
Well, we all imagine Christmas to be wonderful, happy and everyone enjoying themselves, but in actual fact, life goes on, and there are people there who are lonely, sad, or ill. And this was what it was like reading this book. REAL. His sister who he loves dearly, and would do anything for has cancer, she is dying, he feels hopeless and helpless.

It wasn't all doom and gloom, of course not, its Christmas, but it was real life.

I really really loved the fact that this author could take something that almost all of us have been through, maybe a family member, friends, and turn it around right in a Christmas book.

Of course, I didn't like the subject of cancer!!!! Of course not, but it brought home to me how we should treasure each and every day with our loved one.

The magic of Christmas has been lost to Jacob Winston. At the suggestion of his ill sister, Jacob takes a job as a Secret Santa at the mall, hoping to restore his Christmas spirit. Even that doesn’t seem to work, until a special little boy ambles up to make a very special wish... Cheyenne Jensen is struggling to raise her two kids without the help of her ex-husband who refuses to acknowledge his daughter’s existence and doesn’t provide for the son he does. This Christmas is shaping up to be as heartbreaking as the last, until her son Ben’s kind actions lead a stranger to them. Ah, but it’s Christmas time and the magic has begun. When Jacob and Cheyenne meet, neither can deny their immediate attraction to one another. As situations arise that require they spend more time together, their feelings grow stronger and stronger. With Christmas fast approaching, the pair learn what matters most in life. Now, if only they could ditch the ghost of Christmases past. Maybe this holiday will bring some wishes come true- for everyone after all.

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