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Friday, 10 January 2014

Roping Love by Tamara Hoffa

Roping LoveRoping Love by Tamara Hoffa
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was given this book to read ages ago, and got around to reading it in December of 2013. I am late adding my review due to my forgetting to add it here!

I have read one other book written by Tamara Hoffa and found it an excellent read.

This book was no exception.

Its been a very long time since I read a book based around the ranch, horses and cowboys. But this story drew me in.

I found Chance really a loveable character really, he had a hard life. The choices he had to make made me question him at times though.

I am not going to say anything more than that, except I really felt tearful towards the end.

Tamara Hoffa has a unique way of starting a story. The last book I read of hers I thought it was hard to get into, then suddenly......WHAM, everything overwhelms you, I love her style.

Carrie Stewart is a dedicated horsewoman. She runs a successful breeding and training program. She is a good friend, a good sister and a favorite aunt, but she has been burned by love. Carrie has never gotten over her first love, roper Chance Ryan. When Carrie takes her ten year old nephew, Tyler, to the All American Quarter Horse Congress, fate pushes Chance back into her life. 

Chance ran away from her ten years ago, when his father’s unexpected death made him responsible for his ranch and family at the tender age of twenty. Now he says he is back to stay. Should she risk her heart again, with the man who left it broken at her feet in the past? Chance is going after her and she will be his. Like a calf in a chute, he is going to rope her with his love and ride back into her life.

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