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Friday, 10 January 2014

Midnight Sky by Jan Ruth

Midnight SkyMidnight Sky by Jan Ruth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jan Ruth writes excellent novels, full of real belief live living stories with real emotions coming from each turn of the page.

I LOVED this book, I am from the UK and just over the bridge from Wales, and not that far from Chester, so the dialogue in this book was excellent and a good breather for me to read. I've been reading a lot of US based writers lately, so this was a breath of fresh air.

This is a case of 'the grass looks greener on the other side' but is it? Her sister looks like she has it all, but has she?

Two sisters at a crossroads in their lives. There are family confrontations and crisis, romantic involvements, business, each character has flaws and feelings, emotions that you or I could have when faced with challenging situations.

I started this book yesterday evening and finished it mid afternoon, I was totally hooked.

Jan Ruth is great at describing the scenes around and the countryside. I could feel myself right there.

You need to keep following Jan Ruth as she's a very accomplished author. Sure to be going places. In my humble opinion.

Thank you Jan Ruth for allowing me to read and review your book. I thoroughly enjoyed this one as much as the last.

How can we harness the future if the past will not set us free? An emotive story of love, loss and letting go.

Opposites attract? Laura Brown, interior designer and James Morgan-Jones, horse whisperer - and Midnight Sky, a beautiful but damaged steeplechaser.
Laura seems to have it all; glamorous job, charming boyfriend. Her sister Maggie struggles with money, difficult children and an unresponsive husband. She envies her sister’s life, but are things as idyllic as they seem?
She might be a farmers daughter but Laura is doing her best to deny her roots, even deny her true feelings. Until she meets James. But James is very married, and very much in love, to a wife who died two years ago. They both have issues to face from their past but will it bring them together, or push them apart?

This publication is written in British English. Spellings and grammatical conventions are conversant with the UK.

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