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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Amanda Holden bio No Holding Back

Really enjoyed this bio.
My daughter bought me this for Christmas knowing that I wanted to read it.

Amanda writes as she speaks in real life. No airs and graces, sticking to facts. No excuses, no blame apportioned to anyone, just it is what it is.

Shes lead a life we didn't know about, we've read things in the papers, we've maybe even judged.

But, to me, this bio and the way Amanda has written it comes across is what it is. 

To pick yourself up from loosing a baby is hard, I know that first hand.
To have nearly died! I know that too, it puts a whole new perspective on life, and that's what it did for Amanda Holden. Hold onto what's precious?

Great read, highly recomended

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