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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

What's Left of Me by Amanda Maxlyn

What's Left of MeWhat's Left of Me by Amanda Maxlyn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was gifted this book to read by the author Amanda Maxlyn. I had the pleasure of reading this as an ARC and let me say, it was a delight to read.

A young girl going through the throws of Cancer, finding herself undergoing yet more treatment, having to wear a wig that was not obvious to people who had not met her before.
All she wanted, was to be treated 'normal'. Not for people to see her and the cancer. Just her.

She goes out one night with friends in the haste to be accepted and just be a normal young woman about town when she comes upon a lovely guy. She has a bit too much to drink, but things did stop before she took it things further with him. It was 'just' a night out, right?

Onwards in the book you see her struggle with telling the only person who has ever got close to her in a while about the fact, she's ill. She's been struggling to get her identity back, to get the girl back she once was, to get people to see HER for herself and definitely not to feel sorry for her.

The tale is poignant. We have either faced the big C word ourselves or have known people or know people now who are experiencing this illness.

I thought the author wrote a brilliant story, and seeing its the only book I have ever read by her I won't pass on reading any further books she may throw my way.

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Life works in mysterious ways.

Four years ago I became known as the girl with cancer.

I refuse to cry.

And I refuse to give in.

A relationship with a man is the last thing I’m looking for right now, but one night with Parker changes everything. He is persistent, and he knows what he wants. Me.

He doesn’t treat me like I’m fragile.

But he doesn’t know, and I’m not ready to tell him.

What if it changes everything?

Tragedy found me when I was seventeen.

Love found me when I was twenty-one.

My name is Aundrea McCall, and this is my journey


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