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Thursday, 14 November 2013

the sweetest love by Nikki Walker

the sweetest love by Nikki Walker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I read the first one in this series and was hooked. I loved Nikki Walkers style of writing, its not just about falling in love and getting the girl, or guy, it has depth of reading material to it.

It happens around a business and people hungry for power.

Nikki Walker can delve into the human emotions and emotives that can govern people in any given situation. Greed, power, romance, intrigue.

Riccardo Conte arrives back in town after being away for 10 years, he gets there when Gianni his cousin is just about to get married; he wants to set matters straight, mostly with Adrianna.

Will all the pain and hurt be set aside after so long? or is there more than meets the eye. You need to read this story of the Rossellini family, its kept me entertained throughout.

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Edwina's (Winnie's) best friend and boss, London is honeymooning with her cousin, Gianni. While they're away, she is managing the professionally organizing business started two years ago. Winnie finds herself in a bit of a dilemma when she takes on the account of the man that fled 10 years ago, leaving Adele the mother of his daughter, Adrianna, pregnant and alone. This sets up his then best friend, her cousin, Gianni, to become the victim of a malicious lie. Things are further complicated when Winnie finds it increasingly difficult to fight the growing feelings of attraction for him. 

Riccardo Conte returns to Virginia for the first time in ten years just in time to see his oldest friend, Gianni, exchange marital vows. He has returned home to set matters straight with why he fled all while neutralizing the threat made against the Rossellini family--namely Adrianna. Will he be able to redeem the hurt and pain that he incurred against the Rossellini family? Can he convince Winnie he can protect her heart as well as her life? 

Please enjoy the sequel to Loving Gianni! 

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