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Monday, 25 November 2013

The Missing One by Lucy Atkins [brilliant thriller]

The Missing OneThe Missing One by Lucy Atkins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I started off reading this book because I liked the blurb. The front cover was appealing too and it was on Net Galley being promoted by Quercus Books.

I wasn't 100% sure as I've not heard of the author before now.

I've been gripped throughout this storyline. Kal is crushed when her mother dies of cancer. She's always felt pushed out from her Mother's affections, although now grown she knows that her Mother did love her. Her sister had a more closer relationship with her Mother.

Kal is undergoing some difficulties in her own personal life with her husband who she feels is having an affair because of a text message or two she has come across on his phone.

Whilst clearing our her Mother's studio she comes across many postcards that come from the same lady each year on the same day. She is now curious. As we progress in the story, she goes in search of more about her Mother as no one seems to be opening up to her. Make no doubt about this, its a thriller. It kept me on the edge of my seat and I was annoyed when I didn't have more time over the weekend to carry on reading this until the end.

The ending wasn't as expected.

Apart from the story, this author writes very well, captures your imagination, brings the words of the page to life along with the characters within it.

I would most definitely recommend this read to be on your wish list.

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Kal McKenzie always had a tricky relationship with her mother, Elena, but when Elena dies of breast cancer, Kal is bereft: how do you mourn a mother whose love you could never count on?

While clearing out Elena's art studio, Kal finds a drawer packed with postcards going back thirty-seven years. Each bears the same message from a stranger called Susannah Gillespie, who owns a gallery on a remote British Columbian island, a place of killer whales and storms. On impulse, Kal sets out for Spring Tide Island with her toddler, Finn, in tow. Can her mother's hidden past hold the key to their ruined relationship?

Once she arrives at Susannah's isolated home, Kal quickly realizes she has made a big mistake. The handsome and enigmatic Susannah is alternately elated and disturbed by Kal and Finn's arrival, and refuses to talk about her friendship with Elena. As Kal struggles to piece together what happened between the two women in this inhospitable place back in the 1970s, Susannah's behaviour grows more and more erratic. Most worryingly of all, Susannah is becoming increasingly preoccupied with little Finn..

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