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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sarah Lane The god of my art

The God of My ArtThe God of My Art by Sarah Lane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I started reading this 2 days ago, at first I couldn't get into it. I left it off at 35% as I was a little confused by it.

Then I came back to it today and read the rest of it. I quite enjoyed the book, its very deep, very profound and exact. I did find it confusing in some parts, but I am wondering if that's more down to me than to the book. The write up is very good and tells you exactly what the book entails.

The author emailed me to ask me for an honest review after another author recommending me as a reviewer. She thought I may like this book, she was correct. I did finally enjoy it and put all the pieces together.

I would say this, its not a light read, you need to stay with it, you need to grasp what is going on in the first half of the book or you may get lost like I did. I think I made the mistake of reading it while its weekend and all the family are home and things happen around me and me having to keep putting the book aside today.

I would recommend this author Sarah Lane's book, just take yourself off somewhere quiet to start reading it and you'll be fine.

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"Really takes off during a high and naked moment in a self-made steam hut in the woods." -Publisher's Weekly

Here is a portrait of the artist as a young woman...

Helene vividly remembers that night in Prince George when her alcoholic mother threatened to leave. She also cannot forget the day her stepfather sent her away to a group home. Now, years later in Vancouver, she has met a man who can make her forget all that.

The God of My Art is layered with unforgettable scenes of youth, obsessive love, and artistic longing. At the core of this coming-of-age tale are the shifting faces of Helene--teenage runaway, university student, and budding artist. Related in her engaging voice, this novel chronicles Helene's seminal love affair with Matthew, a globetrotting mountaineer passionate about Nietzsche, and the art he inspires within her. As she wrestles to become the artist she wants to be, she encounters unforgettable characters along the way, including Hana, a lesbian theatre student fed up with her partner's multiple affairs, and Laurent, a French exchange student who grapples with existential questions of his own.

The God of My Art explores obsessive love as a source of inspiration for art. As the title suggests, it inverts the traditionally female muse or goddess of art and the traditionally male artist.

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