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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Lane One Closure [short read] BY Tony Spencer

This is a short story written by Tony Spencer. He never promotes his books as he write for a hobby and nothing else, but, I had to say I thought this story fun. Its a very short entertaining book. I read it whilst having my tea and toast this morning. I was in the group Philomena and I manage along with authors and asked about anyone having any Christmas based books they would like us to read for December as although we have heaps to read, it would be nice to read and review some during this time period. 
Tony left a link and said [very humbly] that he has this one that is short, I might like but not sue of.

These were his words:
This was my 3rd self-published short (2180 words) story written last Christmas for my NCC highways chums.

Although I am in the middle of reading a previous book, out of curiosity I opened it, and before before I knew it, I had read read. It made me chuckle. Loved his style. 

So if you are looking for a quick read whilst sitting and have a 10 minute cuppa, have a read.

Its FREE download on Smashwords

Linke HERE


When the hard-bitten Police Sarge in Traffic Control hears about a broken down vehicle on the motorway from a rookie patrolman and his partner, are they pulling his leg? A whimisical tale set just before dawn on Christmas morning. Set in England. 

If you are British you'll get it!

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