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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Joyce DeBacco Where Dreams are born

Where Dreams Are BornWhere Dreams Are Born by Joyce DeBacco
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was given this book to read and review honestly by the author.

I was able to get into this story right away, I love it when this happens, it usually means that I enjoy it, and it was the case in this. However, the story was great in that in the beginning how Vicky got to get her job accidentally and remained as a child minder was a bit unreal in this day and age, but it was a story, so I accepted that the realism may just not be there due to being fiction, it was just something that quickly went through my mind and equally went out again just as fast as it came into my thought process.

On the whole, I would say I enjoyed it, it was a light read, I didn't have to think about it I could just sit, relax and read.

I have the same thoughts as one of the reviewers, I feel the book cover could have brought more justice to the book as the book is much better than it portrays on the book cover.

I would definitely read another of this authors books.

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It was supposed to be a win-win situation-a safe environment in which to raise a son for single mom Vicky, housekeeping and childcare for widowed Jack. Believing they've had their shot at happiness, neither is looking to complicate their lives with a romantic entanglement. At first Jack sees Vicky as skinny and plain, guarded with him, but openly warm with his children, an important quality for a man who grew up in the foster care system. However, his growing attraction to the woman who scrubs his toilets and washes his underwear complicates their working relationship. Vicky, too, is reluctant to get involved, having been down that road before with disastrous results.
When Jack learns his best friend fathered Vicky's son and now wants partial custody, he feels threatened. He's come to care deeply for both, and doesn't want to lose the family they've become. In desperation he offers a radical solution-marriage. Vicky knows she can do worse than marry Jack, but wonders how successful their marriage would be when its only reason for being was to keep from losing her son. Add to this a troubled child keeping a secret about her dead mother, and a vindictive ex bent on revenge, and complications abound.

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