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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

JOHN A MILLER- Friends and Strangers

Friends and StrangersFriends and Strangers by John A. Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Finally got around to reading one more of John A Miller's wonderful books. He has a unique was of telling a story. I always love how he 'throws' in some manly items or themes which makes his books an all rounder for me for both males and females, you get the love story, the mystery the twists. His clever working mind that makes you wonder where he is going to lead you next.

Ya know, the author drives a truck for his living and writes for enjoyment, I think he doesn't realize that the enjoyment is not only on his side of writing a good book but on the readers too.

I REALLY thought that I had got the killer sussed, then it changed where I was convinced I NOW knew who is was. It was very cleverly woven in. Keeps you guessing.

Nice bit of romance as well which gives the story a nice romantic boost. Soft gentle romantic love story. This is based around a small town where I figure everyone knows everyone else. I live in the city so that's hard for me to imagine, however I do have friends in the UK who live in a Village which is small and everyone know's everyone else's business, so I imagined it to be similar to this.

Wonderful piece of work. I think John A Miller has a lot in him to come out in the future and I hear he is about to write more to which I am eagerly awaiting.

My wish for John as an Indie author would be that he gets more attention from readers as he sure has stories to tell.


Roger Russell was just an average bachelor till he spilled coffee on a beautiful "uptown girl." Then someone threw a little murder into the mix. Two of Roger's best friends have suddenly become suspects and a big city detective obsessed with the "Silk Scarf Strangler" murders has either come to help, or to resurrect that killer in a new setting.
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