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Sunday, 20 October 2013


This received a 4/4 from me due to some parts being just a little drawn out

I have just finished this outstanding book. 

Cass works in a diner, lives in a trailer with a Junkie of a Mother and a Junkie of a boyfriend. The boyfriend goes back a long way who "saved" her and rescued her from her Mother's one time 'boyfriends'. So this relationship is based on loyalty more than love now.

Tucker comes to the diner where she works and that is where the story between Tucker and Cass begins. It builds up intensity as the story unfolds.

I'm not a reviewer who likes to give too much away or what is the point of you buying this book and reading it for yourself, so I can say that it is well worth the time to purchase and read this book.

White Trash. How many times can someone say you are trash before you start believing it as Cass did. How long does it take you to see your true worth? 

Tucker is a man of his word, I quite fell in love with him myself, shame I wasn't younger!

The final couple of chapters form me were up and down in my emotions, I was happy one minute and then shocked the next thinking OMG how could this happen to such a lovely couple. But life can stink sometimes. 

I'm really looking forward to reading book 2 in this series.

This author has a certain style that keeps you hooked throughout the read.

*I read this on behalf of the author via Net Galley*

You can find it on good reads, purchase it from Amazon by clicking on the buttons below.

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