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Monday, 14 October 2013

Its a done deal

I was given this book to read a month or two ago now by the author Rene Schultz, as I've said before, she had been sitting on the beauty of a book for 7 years, I read it, and thoroughly enjoyed it from page one to the final page.

Recently, I was honoured that she gave me [well, I nagged really! because I knew she said she had other books sitting on her PC unedited] so myself and my friend Philomena persuaded her to let us have this next book to read unedited and we didn't mind if it had spelling mistakes or grammar errors. Personally, I wanted to see if Rene could deliver another scorcher of a book or was BISHOP STREET a one off.

DONE DEAL is what she called her next book, she now has a cover for it and its about to be edited. WOW, I read this book, I ate, drank and slept this book, it was YES ANOTHER TEAR JERKER but this lady, she tells her stories well, you get drawn in and the people in the book are real. They seem real people, people that you may know in your own life.

What I love about Rene [and I sound like her promoter here but I assure you I am not] is that she seems to write differently in each book. Its a bit like Diane Chamberlain or Catherine Ryan Hyde, they are great authors, but each time they write they have a different subject matter to write about. I LOVE THIS ABOUT these type of authors. 

I can't wait for DONE DEAL to hit the store so that you have a chance to read it. Its sad, but very rewarding and the twist at the end is a plot that I've never read about before. I can't say too much at this stage as its not even 'out there' but I would say, sometimes I have seen where people say a book is rubbish or not worth reading, me? I like to make my own mind up about things and I hope you are the same. 

Its a done deal, up and coming author in my humble opinion. 

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