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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Cheryl Seagreaves

Hey folks

I don't like to section anyone out, or to offend anyone that I have read for and in time, I will write about all the NEW authors that have been added to my favourite list. You see, my list years ago were filled with best sellers like Barbara Taylor Bradford, Catherine Cookson, Virginia Andrews, Lesley Pearce.....and on and on it went, until the last 2 years or so when I discovered Indie authors. When I first was bought a Kindle by my darling son [I hinted at it for months so that he would get the message *wink*] that was when I discovered 'freebies' for Kindle. Gosh, I got some good ones, but I equally got some bad choices. As time has gone on, I have discovered how to sieve most of the genre out that I think/hope that I would like. I've always written reviews on Amazon, so that wasn't a problem, the problem now was we had a group, now I KNEW the actual authors [gee whizz] and I had to help them understand that if I didn't enjoy what I read it was because of.....and explain nicely why. That is the hardest bit of being a reviewer, but I am an HONEST reviewer, tact is not my best talent. I have worked more at it, but I am sure I offend authors here and there without meaning to.

This brought me onto this next author I am going to write about. 

When she joined our group and later offered her book for an honest review, I messaged her as I loved the sound of it after reading the blurb.
The thing is, she said she had some bad reviews because of spellings and format. Well, I'm a bit hot on that myself, the odd mistake, well, even the best authors make mistakes.
I still wanted to read it, she had it corrected at the time and I felt her self esteem was at a low point. I was worried, because if I had to say something negative to her about the book I'd be adding to her woes. So, I told her, I would like to read it and would discuss anything that I didn't enjoy about the book/format etc before adding a review.

I didn't have to, she had got the format and mistakes taken care of, it was perfect.

She is another author that I crave for another book from. 

I'd like to share this with you because I don't want anyone to miss out on some truly amazing talent. If you read the kind of books I do, then this one is surely going to be a winner for you.

Cheryl says:

I tried my best to use my memories and experiences to spin a tale, that would not only entertain, but possibly help someone. This story is not your typical romance because it does deal with domestic abuse, it's women's fiction with a touch of romance I guess you could say. I tried my best to portray what it really is like to leave an abusive marriage, and also create a very light read that reads well, flows, a quick read, and is still a full length novel. This is my debut novel, my heart in print, and my best shot at a five star story

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  1. Thank you Sue, honestly you have no idea how I felt reading this! Seeing that you crave another book, is a true motivator... I promise you, I feel utter guilt when a day goes by if I don't write because I feel I owe it to you, not to let you down, well you and my mom! Thank you