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Sunday, 8 September 2013


What a fantastic read! I've never read a book by this author, and now I find out its her only one so far! I need more! it was offered free for download for a day, I had missed the offer. I'm so glad she's in our 2 friends promote authors group on Facebook as I approached about if it was still free. Luckily for me she made it a gift to me.

No matter how important or small part each character took in this wonderful story each one was very memorable. 

For me, a book has to be exciting, or thrilling, grip me from the outset, emotive etc this had it all.

Emotions were the high point in this story and my hat goes off to the author as she has such style and conveys everything excellently.

My only downside would be for her to relook at the format. But it didn't distract me from the story as it was so GOOD.

You won't get any spoilers from me!
I'd highly recommend this book to you. If you are reading this review that means the book has your attention, Noe read inside, you won't regret it

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