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Friday, 6 September 2013

JOSH GRAYSON Book out November.

I was given this book as an ARC by the author, also by the publishers on Net Galley.

Sia finds she has lost her memory, the only reason she knows her identity is by reading it on something she holds on her person. 

She is now homeless. Something happens though I this story where she ends up back with her beloved parents who are well to do, but her mother has a drink problem.

Sia`s type of memory lost is triggered by stress. What kind of stress did Sis have to afflict her with this kind of ailment?
The person that she finds out she used to be is not the person that she is now.

The type of friends, lifestyle, boyfriend of her `used to be` life is not agreeable to her now. Kyle who she's fallen in love with would not be her sort of boyfriend.

What will happen when, or even, if, her memory returns?
You really need to read this to find out.

Cleverly written and had me engrossed throughout.


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