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Monday, 9 September 2013

Fantastic first book, and first book in the series

When I was gifted this book to read by the author for an honest review, I wasn't sure what to expect.

I LOVED IT! so much in this book to keep you turning from one page to the next. It didn't lag, it was thoroughly thought through from every aspect by the author.

Even the title has a meaning, TUESDAY. The connection to Ruby of course unfolded as I went along. Her father having this illness of drink and later discovering other aspects to him as well was a surprise to me towards the end of the book.

RUBY, gutsy, emotionally intune, grown up. She has had to grow up fast fending for herself. Vulnerable in some parts too. As a mom I wanted go give her a great big cuddle at times, and at other times a "Mom" talking to!

The dog, he won a small place in my heart. ALL the people in this story came to life to me, became real, they could be you or I, they could be your neighbor, someone somewhere is going through what Ruby is going through in this book. I loved how she dealt with things in every aspect of her life.

The ending touched me. In a way that I thought it wouldn't but yes, out came the tissues.


I love her style. I love how she gets deep into the very thoughts of her characters and brings out not only what they are doing, but what they are thinking. That is some talent to 'knit' that together and a reader not notice it until the last page. 

Truly a remarkable author, plenty of talent there and I want more books by her!

Purchase it on AMAZON.UK here


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