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Thursday, 1 August 2013

This book won't leave you alone!

You know that kind of book? The one you pick up and start to read leisurely? Sat there with a nice cuppa tea and a biscuit, reading to snuggle down and get reading? Well, this is the kind of book, you need to set aside some time though as the author really knows how to tell this story and make it live, make it real, like its happening right next door to you. You want to do something, you want to shout Get the hell out! NOW. You want to step into Brianna Garcia shoes and say " don't fall for this, tell him where to go". Then you think, maybe she is handling it right, maybe she's handling it the best way she knows how, maybe fear can do this. YES  it can. I had a friend in an abusive relationship and how I thought she should act was differently to how she handled it, but she did it right way for her to survive. The same too with Brianna, and her children. 

This is an uplifting book that will hit home to many people, not because of the marital abuse content, but for its strength in being told by the author. Its not a bio, its a story. Its a story of hope, love and determination. Very inspiring.

My hat goes off to this author for telling a really real tale that everyone should read. 

You can buy it off of HERE

Here is a bit about Cheryl the author.

Cheryl Seagraves is the wife of an EMT with four kids that inspire her daily in her writing. Her debut romance novel "Life Over Love" is available both on Kindle and in print. She wrote the book which deals with the disturbing subject of domestic abuse to inspire women in similar situations. To let them know that they can leave behind a harmful past and grab hold of a future full of promise. She believes that there is no expiration on one's dreams and is most at home doing what she loves; reading, painting, enjoying her family, and writing.

On behalf of all us Indies, thank you so much for doing this!

Cheryl Seagraves

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