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Friday, 2 August 2013

Nice easy read

This was a nice easy paced read. I have never come across a Mother such as this, she was quite harsh and dogmatic I thought. Rebecca is the main character in this book.
Its well written and well thought out. 
This is the bio for BAD GIRLS:

Rebecca Griffin only ever wanted one thing: to be a good wife and mother. Her own domineering Italian-American mother, as well as the rest of her big-hearted, opinionated, wild and wonderful Italian family, had been telling her how to do just that since she was little and wanted to marry Roy Rogers. Now, it’s the 90’s and Rebecca has everything she ever dreamed of. But she suspects her husband is having an affair and fears her daughter, Dana, is going bad; hurtling dangerously out of reach toward a self-destructive calamity. Then Rebecca learns of the mysterious death of a distant cousin long ago at the prison bordering the small, idyllic New England town where she lives. It’s a story she can’t shake. Questions about the young woman’s fate nag at Rebecca as she desperately tries to reclaim the little girl she once knew, while hanging onto the ragged remnants of her marriage. Rebecca, her troubled daughter, Dana, and an enigmatic woman from the past, embark on a journey of discovery both distinctly their own, and shared. Each must wrestle with the demons that nip at their heels propelling them headlong, until all three collide one desperate, enchanted autumn night.

Bad Girls, at its heart, is a story about family. The origins, variations and connections that shaped them – even the places they came from – set these women on their path. As the unlikely travelers come to the end of their journey, they find new paths revealed in the most unearthly of places by the most innocent of messengers. 

--Bad Girls is a mesmerizing story that pulls readers into the lives of three women drawn together by a young woman's mysterious and tragic death. Deborah Doucette's novel is beautifully written with characters that are rich, complex and memorable. A spell-binding read--Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Barbara Walsh, author of August Gale: A Father and Daughter's Journey into the Storm

Deborah Doucette began her writing career as a free-lance journalist subsequently becoming involved in the issue of grandparents raising grandchildren. She is the author of the non-fiction book Raising Our Children’s Children which has been updated for re-release in Spring 2014. Her novel, Bad Girls, is slated for release in July. She is a blogger for the Huffington Post, an artist, and mother of four. She lives in a small town west of Boston with her red standard poodle Fiamma (Italian for flame) and is working on a new novel.  

Let me introduce the author:

I grew up in a large, close-knit Italian family held together by hard working Italian immigrant grandparents and big, boisterous Sunday macaroni dinners I married young – it was my only aspiration – and had four children spread out, in a wholly unplanned fashion, over twenty years. I painted – oils and later watercolor – volunteered for arts groups, studied with a locally famous painter, traveled to the ocean as often possible and became a real estate broker.
At exactly forty years of age, with a (surprise) two-year-old, and two teenagers, I decided it was time for reinvention. I recall sitting on the edge of my bed with my head in my hands asking myself, what do you really want to do? The answer was, write! I enrolled – two-year-old in tow – in a creative and business writing program at a local college and quickly decided business writing wasn’t for me. My creative writing professor pulled me out of class one day and as we sat on the stairs outside of the classroom, he looked me in the eye and told me I was an honest-to-god writer. It was the second time a teacher shared that opinion with me, but the first time it impelled me to action. I began to solicit and get assignments from local newspapers and was tooting along under a head of steam with the goal of writing for a nationally recognized paper until life happened; my youngest, Sabra, was born. Her arrival into our family brought me unexpected blessings, including the opportunity to become involved in the issues of grandparents raising grandchildren which lead to my first book, Raising Our Children’s Children. Since then, I have updated the first edition and a revision will be published as Room In The Heart in Spring 2014. In addition, I am a blogger for the Huffington Post on their Huff Post 50 site (for the over fifty crowd) . My novel, Bad Girls – a story about the choices women face, family, a mystery and a little magic – has just been released.
Since writing my first book, life has spun me around sending me in new directions a few more times; I’m now a breast cancer survivor, and a divorced single mom. I live in a small country suburb outside of Boston in an 1840s village farmhouse with my big, red poodle, Fiamma (flame in Italian – Fia for short) surrounded by my art and joyfully entertained by the comings and goings of my twin grandbabies. I am currently working on a new novel.

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