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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

I've now read Duty Free, Silver Service, but this one was my favourite. I've never much been into romantic chic lit. This one was above that though and the characters although predictable in its effects and sequences held a unique quality amongst each one. 

I've said before, Susanne O'Leary must have a great sense of humour, see the fun side in most events, as it comes through in her books. 

I found all her books I have been gifted from her in exchange for an honest review, good light reads. Its something that you can relax with after reading a heavy thriller or who do it. 

Thank you Susanne for allowing me to read and review your work. 

My most outstanding book to date I love was Hot Property, but it was different from these three books entirely, so I am only judging on the merit of Duty Free, Silver Service and this one. These are much lighter reads that I would take on holiday with me or read outside in the garden relaxing.

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