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Friday, 2 August 2013



I RUN by E L Farris

I was given this by the author as an ARC.I had the pleasure of reading Ripple her previous book and so was excited to get my hands on this one, especially an advanced copy!

Its totally different than her previous book. That's not in a bad way, its lovely when authors can take on different aspects of relaying something as important as the subject matter that E. L. Farris writes about.

Sally. She is the paramount subject matter in this read. I can say its very gripping. Its also very intense. Because of what the topic is about I found it hard going at times, I did relay this to the author which she found helpful. I am glad that she understood what I meant by that.

I didn't find it tiring in the sense of 'boring' no, not all all, just the intenseness of the storyline. Its quite sensitive, emotive, and gives a unique insight to the workings of this persons mind in all aspects of her life. 

I run. Running for fun? Running to escape the inescapeable? How far does someone need to run. I am talking actual running, put your running shoes on and run. Is something or someone chasing you. Are they real? or are they just your thoughts, just your memories, fear, emotions from the past?

I loved the way she told the story. Its not what I would call 'straight forward' narration, its very thought provoking.

The conclusion of the story is very upbuilding. All in all, no matter if the author didn't know if you would love Sally or hate her, I loved her, her spirit and her determination to succeed.


Ex-lawyer E.L. Farris is a born-again, marathon-running married mother of three who resides in Northern Virginia. <---That's what it says on the back of Ripple.
What else do you need to know about me? I talk a lot. I write a lot. I adore my husband. I adore my children. What else? Well, I run. I've been running since I turned 14. I started to run then and I've been running ever since. Whenever I stop running, I land in a lot of trouble.
I ran through a childhood that could well be described as hell. I ran through major depressive episodes and often teetered one step from the edge of a breakdown. Through running, I held onto my sanity, my sobriety, my life and my belief in God. Each step I take, no matter how physically painful, draws me a shade closer into my better angels.
And the steps have become painful over the years, which is how I earned the nickname Phoenix. Some mornings I feel like I've been run over by a bus and the truth is, I was. I survived a collision with a metro bus, and it's fair to say that the accident messed me up. And yet I keep rising from the pyre of a burning fire and as I run I realize that as long as I hold the Holy Spirit inside me, my spirit will never die.
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