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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Tear Jerker based on a true event

I was privileged to be gifted this book Cracks In the Side
walk by the author. I haven't read any of Bette Lee Crosby's books before, why? is what I need to ask myself! This author has been firmly planted upon my favourite authors list.

What can I say about Cracks In the Side
walk. Well, it was my type of reading material. I could get into this story within the first chapter, and for me, this is a good sign that an author can draw me in, its means to me that I know I am going to stay glued with this book. 

I didn't realize the storyline was based upon a real true story. This brought this poignant story home to me even more. I really felt for all of the people in it, all except Jeffrey. How can you stay married to a rogue, unfeeling, selfish SOAB, I couldn't have.

Of course I felt for the Mother of the children so badly, I walk in her footsteps, felt every inch of her pain. 

As for the Grandparents, I've seen my Mother go through life not having access to one of her grandchildren and the pain, heartbreak and anguish this has caused. So not only did they loose one precious gift, they were on the verge of loosing them too.

At the end of this book I had to keep drying my eyes, and in the mist of my tears I finished the last page.

Bette Lee Crosby, you got me! I was in floods of tears at the end and found it hard to choose the next book. Whatever am I going to read next that is going to match this.

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