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Friday, 12 July 2013

I really don't know how I came to read this book as it's not a subject I choose. I think it must have been about the adopted bit into a programme that got me wondering what on earth is this. I am glad I did read it though. *the author gave me this in an exchange for an honest review* which I intend to do. :)

I found it hard going at first, think because it isn't my subject matter and I didn't do my research on the book about it being in the future, so once I got my head around this it all clicked into place.

When she was at a church wanting to speak to the priest and 'finding religion' then coming upon a stranger who looked attractive to her but she was on a mission so I thought, right, no romance there then. WRONG. He was waiting outside!

Arranging to see the priest later for 'private' consultation, I thought hmm, but nope, was wrong, it was more devious than that. I felt so sorry for his wife, and so angry at the priest, and so sorry for the F6

Her changing ID's/persona was so good in this book, tying in all the loose ends, the twists, the turns, I didn't know what to expect in the end but OMG I didn't expect that!

So to recap, I have just read a book I wouldn't have looked at before thinking it was not my 'cup of tea' except, it was, it was brilliant.

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