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Saturday, 6 July 2013


I met this author on a review site. She was kind enough to give me her book to read for an honest review.

Its not a huge book to read and I read this in an hour. I'd not heard of RSDS before, but now I understand the limitations this puts upon a person, the agony they are in and daily struggle to not give up.I think this ladies faith is getting her through it.

I also realized that the 'caring' providers are the same the world over it seems, as I am a care giver and the help you get in either minimum or near to zilch. This in itself is frustrating if someone has no family to look after them full time. 

I've spoken to this author a few times via Facebook, she came across as a very nice lady. If you have anyone who is suffering from this decease or want to know more of how it effects them please purchase this book, its not only a physical handicap but an emotional journey too for the person. 

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