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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Fast paced and enthralling

I was gifted this book by the author.

I've not heard of David E Temple before, so was intrigued by the write up on Amazon and Good Reads, so I accepted the offer to read it. I must emphasise that I didn't know this book was a sequel to a previous book. Maybe that's why I felt a little lost at the beginning, but around half way through I was well into it. It didn't matter much that I had not read the previous book to this by then as I was unfolding the dialogue as I went along. 

Its a fast moving story. I found myself in once scene only for the next chapter to throw me back into the Pastoral family that was not at all how most come across. It was a delight to see that Christians are not always infallible and need help, and not from God at times.

The book kept my attention through out. I read this within 2 days simply because I am laid up at the moment after injuring my knee so plenty of time to read. Its over 700 pages and none of them boring, let me assure you of that!

Would I read another book by this author, yes I would.

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