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Monday, 24 June 2013

Sue's review on UNMASKING PAULIE BINGHAM book 1

The author gave me this book for me to read on Kindle for a fair exchange for a review.

I had a friend who fell in love with a gay man, they married. So I wasn't adverse to reading this novel. Then I realized that the author has a 2nd book in this series due out.

I didn't know really what to expect as its a subject matter that no one hears about every day do they? The author has handled the characters in this book beautifully. The emotion ride for both of them was so evident. I could feel the vibes coming out of the page with each one I turned.

To say I liked this book is an under statement, I LOVED this book. 
Don't be put off by the unusual sense of the love story as its much more than it appears. 

The cover is great, the flow of writing is easy to read, my one hate was that I couldn't sit down and just read it, I resented people interupting me. 

This is a true and honest account of how I feel towards this story, and the author. I would defo read more by her. 

Off to start the next one is this series!

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