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Friday, 17 May 2013

I have just finished reading UNTIL YOU'RE MINE by SAMANTHA HAYES link here on Amazon. 

I've not read any book by this author before, so she has been a really new author to me and one that I will be watching for and reading books she already has out.

I don't like giving too much away about the story as it tends to spoils it for the reader, so I am going to say its a psychological thriller. I was hooked from beginning to end. The writing was free flowing, easy to connect with the characters and so intriguing throughout. I was so convinced I knew the ending, I know a lot of reviews say things like "It was a book I couldn't put down" this is true on this one and I don't use that loosely.

Also what is used is "There were so many twists and turns" Yes there was! but not in the way that you feel. All the way through I was focused on one character being the main person who committed the 'deadly deed' was I right? You will have to read this to see!! If you love a good book that takes your into character, this is the one. I really, really loved this book. Samantha Hayes is certainly on my favourite author's lists

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