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Friday, 26 April 2013

I really love Kristin Hannah books, but this one left me a bit lost.

I don't like giving much of a story away when I write a review as I don't like to spoil someone else's enjoyment. However, I have to touch on it to explain how I feel.

There is more to this story than what I am writing, please let me say that.

A woman's husband falls in love with her sister. She leaves and travels on a plane, the plane crashes, she doesn't know she is badly injured.

Unbeknown to her, she is in an induced coma because of head injuries. Meanwhile she thinks she's found a bed and breakfast that she is staying in. The bed and breakfast is really closed due to the fact the there is only a little boy there whose Mummy has died and he is of course very upset. His Mummy and Daddy were divorced and he didn't get to see much of his Dad. His Dad is back in his life and loves the little boy so very much but the little boy is lost because his Daddy wants to do the bed and breakfast up and sale it and move back to Boston.

Then Joy comes into their lives. The lady from the plane crash.

Let me explain, Joy can only be seen by the little boy and Daniel the Father cannot see her. But he speaks to her! He speaks to her because the little boy goes to counselling and his therapist said for the Father to acknowledge his 'imaginary friend' who happens to be Joy.

While she stays and falls in love with the little boy and helps his emotional recovery and falls in love with Dad she works through her anger and emotions of her sister and her husband getting together and her sister being pregnant by her husband. She grows to accept it.

Then, we are taken to the hospital where Joy come's to. She is now confused about where she has been as its so 'real' to her.

Now let me jump a few pages. She makes up with her sister and her soon to be ex husband, but meanwhile she is convinced that she didn't imagine Daniel and Bobby. On crutches she travels to find the town she was in. Eventually she finds it, knocks on the door and they live happy ever after.

Although the story was a good one, its not believable to me, or am I just not into the spirit of make believe?

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