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Friday, 26 April 2013

Everyone heard about this little boy, it was plastered on the news, well documented for years to come. World wide.

Until I read this book by his father, I hadn't realized so much went on behind the scenes that was hidden from the public. It was very upsetting to read, you could feel the pain of Father coming through each and every page, it was like he was standing there speaking to you, opening his heart, emotions and inner most thoughts. I hadn't realized the Mother has written a book too. I didn't know that until I was reviewing this book and saw someone had said they had read the Mom's account too. When reading I often wondered why the Mother wasn't mentioned much at all, and now I know.

I'm glad I read this, simply because I have learnt there is more behind the scenes of things that the Police etc keep away from the public, really made me think. 

My heart went out to the entire family.

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