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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Review: The Good Sister

The Good Sister The Good Sister by Jess Ryder
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh a whopping 5 * from me.
I was really mesmerised with this story, enjoying unwrapping every layer of it. I turned the pages very quickly where my eyes were reading like an excited child. It really gripped me.

Josie lost her father to a motor cycle accident to all intense and purposes it looked exactly like that, straight forward until something was found later are the accident scene.
Did he commit suicide?
Did someone drive him to this?
Or were there other mitigating circumstances?

Josie's life wasn't too made, she had her mom, her dad and a good wealthy family background. But then her life was turned upside down


I'm revealing now secrets in saying that her father had another family and another child. A half sister, Valentina.

They could have been twins, only days apart when they were born from different mothers.
Josie didn't want for anything, but Valentina was brought up in a less favourable environment .
The difference between the sisters are quite immense, Josie is polite, reasonable, calm, responsible and has a great boyfriend who she hopes to marry someday soon.

Valentin is loud, curt, abrupt, she drinks, smokes, takes drugs, parties and has no money. No job.

Once these two meet up it take a huge leap for me. I could see how manipulative Valentina was, how horrid, but why was escaping me.
Is she after Josie for money?
Does she resent Josie?
Is it pure jealousy and did she know about her fathers secret before Josie learnt of it?
What was the depth of this story.
It was puzzling around my mind constant.

You really understand the emotions that Josie's mom was experiencing, she had lost her husband, what when she finds out about his 'other family'?
How will she react, what will she say, what will she do?
And.....what about Valentina's mother?

This had me up to early hours of the morning, so transfixed was I to this story that I heard the birds tweeting outside.

The ending had me gasping in awe. Truly a masterpiece.

I would like to thank Bookoutour via Net Galley for my copy.

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