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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Review: Beneath the Surface

Beneath the Surface Beneath the Surface by Sibel Hodge
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sibel Hodge is an author that I can't but eagerly await her "latest book" I just know I'm in for a fabulous read, I can always be assured of this. She's one of my top psychological thriller writers.

From the very first book I read written by this author I was hooked.

I find her books well worth waiting for.

I'm surprised at each different plot, different theme, realistic characters in her book, how she feeds life, breath and emotion into each.

When I started this book I knew I wouldn't be able to do much else. I'd want to sit and read it all.

The female lead is a strong woman, the author also lets her readers in to her vulnerability too to make her more human. Emotional. So we can find sympathy.

The way the story starts grabs you in its net and that's where you wriggle around in your seat reading this.
Enjoying the plot.

There are deaths, unexplained suicides. She has a lead, like a hunter, she goes after her prey.

I loved the topical theme within this plot. It gave me something to think about in reality too.
This is newsworthy stuff!


Who is to be trusted.

The families who suffered in this domino effect I really felt for.

My review will become clearer once you've read the book.

I thank the author. I thank Thomas & Mercer via Net Galley for my copy.

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