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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Review: Should You Ask Me

Should You Ask Me Should You Ask Me by Marianne Kavanagh
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Although this is a slow moving story, it has to be this way due to the lovely Mary Holmes tale. A powerfully well written book that needs to be savoured.

It's 1944 on the Isle of Purbeck.
Human remains were found nearby which Mary has information of.

She wanders into the Police Station to tell her tale and to inform them of what she know.

The Officer left to write down her information is William.
William is suffering from his injuries that ended his army career.

This is not just about the mystery of the remains, although there is a huge story behind this of lies, deception and betrayal.
It's also about how Mary's revelations draw out Williams past.

At the end of it all, William needs to decide something vitally important. And Mary's past secrets are revealed.

This is such an evocative read I had to finish this in one sitting.

Mary's past and Williams present.
History and future.
What will William do.

My thanks to the publishers Hodder & Stoughton plus Rebecca Mundy for my copy.

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