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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Review: Where I Lost Her

Where I Lost Her Where I Lost Her by T. Greenwood
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Where I Lost Her

That's what grabbed me, the title at first. Reading the blurb enticed me further and I added it to my Amazon wishlist for when it would be released this month (March)
My joy when I received this through the post by Corvus from Kirsty Publicity I was over the moon.

This is a tense fast moving pace of a read.
Mostly centres around Tess, however, it widens out to embrace some other past events in Tess life. Her husband, her marriage and their difficulties in having a child.

It's about the powerful pull of motherhood and all the emotions that surround it.

But, it has a thriller element thrown in which hooks you up and dangles you over the danger, the suspense, and the "did she dream this up!"
Tess is driving, alone, at night, she has to stop suddenly as a small child hale dressed and bleeding steps out in front of her.

Tess gets out to see if she's ok but the child is suddenly startled and leaps off into the woods.
Tess gives chase, but it's too dark, too dense to see.

If you saw this, reported it but there were no witnesses, no one has reported a child missing.
Even your own husband is questioning your belief. How would you feel?

Tess won't give up.

This all happens while visiting friends in the rural parts of Vermount.

The stay is over and her husband is now wanting to return home.
Even they're marriage is rock bottom, 'tis been hanging on a thread.

This is a well written thought out plot that keeps a reader totally asking questions "did she, didn't she"
It's one that kept me riveted to each fabulous page.

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