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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Review: The Stranger Inside

The Stranger Inside The Stranger Inside by Jennifer Jaynes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I always sit with anticipation for Jennifer Jaynes latest book.
After reading all her books to date I know her style and enjoy her stories.

This book was of no exception.

The people in this book soon became very real to me. The entire family was one I had a window into. I could see mistakes, I could fault find, but, I could also feel the warmth, the sadness and the emotional turmoil of finding that your husband/father had committed suicide.

What does that do to a wife? A mother? Her children.

Diane is an author. She writes mainly thrillers.
Alexa the daughter is a young woman with problems. Her relationship with her mother is not good no matter how Diane tries.
Alexa is very depressed. She lives away from home but comes home often. Usually to do her washing.
She's always fault finding with her mother.

The son, Josh seems ok at the start but he's started to act odd. I put that down to his young age.

The rivalry is very much felt coming from Alexa towards her brother but more for her mother and what the problems are between them soon leak out which give a better insight.

The reader is taken with Diane to her volunteer work, its a crisis hotline which she helps man.

A girl from her daughters college is found strangled.

There starts a term of events that will get you reading chapter by chapter with eagerness.

If you love a good thriller with a great story, this is it.

It starts of steady, but soon gets the readers juices flowing.

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