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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Review: The Gingerbread Girl

The Gingerbread Girl The Gingerbread Girl by Sheila Newberry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My thanks to Bonnier Publishing
Zaffre via Net Galley for my copy.

Its London, its 1936.
Cora is 7 years old and has been in hospital for 8 months whilst suffering and recovering from diphtheria which was quite an epidemic.

The last time she saw her Mother was when she visited her in hospital bringing her some gingerbread men on a secret visit.
Cora didn't eat them, she kept them as a reminder of her Mother.

After being in hospital Eliza her Mothers best friend takes charge of Cora and takes her to a farm where she can enjoy the fresh air and recover fully. The farm belongs to Eliza's aunt so she knows she will be safe and secure there.

Cora is now ready to return to her life, so Eliza goes to fetch her. Cora has to discover that many things has changed which will make a certain impact and dent on her life from now on, even a 'blast from the past'.

I was attracted to the story because its proclaimed to be in the style of Katie Flynn who is one of my fav long time authors.

I enjoyed the story, not much of a Christmas one though as portrayed so be aware of that if you are looking for a Christmassy type read.

Its a pleasant read relaxing read that took me on a journey, discovering Cora is a sweet giving child that grew enormously within the confines of these chapters.

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