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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Review: His Kidnapper's Shoes

His Kidnapper's Shoes His Kidnapper's Shoes by Maggie James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book just kept on giving.

We guess by the title and we know by the blurb and even get more of an idea what the book is about by reading reviews. But let me say, as long as no ones given any spoilers, the story is just not straight forward.

The depths the author goes to the heart and soul of this complete story left me feeling so sorry and really empathetic towards all the characters involved.
All the characters came to life in my minds eye.

The way in which the author writes had me visualizing everything. All this became so real to me.

This was not only about the kidnapped son, but, the kidnapped, the Biological parents, the Nanny, the Grandparents and the step dad.

The revelations at the end had me gasping and asking myself questions.

Annie was the most sweetest, kind, down to earth reasonable person. Although her story too was heart rendering.

Would I recommend this book?
Hell yes and more....

I love this authors books, and it's hard to choose a favorite but this one by far brought out more emotional feelings and reactions in me.

My thanks to Lake Union for my copy. Via Net Galley.

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