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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Review: Broken

Broken Broken by Angela B. Chrysler
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I have read some truly remarkable horrible stories based on facts over my time but this one is truly dark, full of mental and physical anguish, abuse and RAW emotions its tangible. You can feel it oozing out from its pages.

I am taking deep breathes here.

Its somewhat written as a memoir, but in other parts reads like a novel.
Except for the fact this was reality for the author.

There are advisory notes from the author:
If you yourself are disturbed by abuse and any of the violent abusive events in this story, she says, do not read unless you can survive it or it can lead YOU down a dark path:

If you have been abused, the same applies

Its interesting to me that she has not written this for a therapy as most do or a story to be told.

The mental state and dark places this author went to in writing this book is deeper than a very deep black hole.

She says how the book has not been edited and re edited so as to take the meaning and exact happenings out of this true story. It is how it is.

The woman that is broken and quite frankly mentally disturbed [and who wouldn't be by this] is different from the woman today.

This is not written as a memoir it is written more like a novel.

Do not think you can read this book for enjoyment, definitely not. Its a journey, its a learning curve, its a lesson.
Anyone can take something away from this read.

There is no way I can say its NOT distressing because it IS.

The author admits, she was insane when she wrote this, as an advocate for mental awareness, I would say, she definitely was emotionally distressed, disturbed and needed mental health care to cope.
Whichever way she managed to get all those pieces back together, my hat goes off to her as it would have been oh so easy to have departed in other ways.


Thanks to Bookloverpublicity for my copy to read VIP

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