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Friday, 16 September 2016

Review: Our Fragile Hearts

Our Fragile Hearts Our Fragile Hearts by Buffy Andrews
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I thought I had put this review up, just found my copy of it in my email.


This is a really emotional read and you will need some tissue.
Its either a 'lump in your throat' type of read or a full on 'tears down your cheeks snotty nose' the lot!

We have Rachel
She's just found out she had a 5 year old sister....what?!
And not only that, her Mother has just died.

Piper is the 5 year old sister. She is so immersed in grief over the loss of her Mother she doesn't appreciate hearing she has a long lost sister, but then, she realizes this could be a good thing.

Rachel didn't have the same upbringing, she was brought up in a foster home.
Now Rachel finds she will need to look after Piper to stop her from having the same experiences she had when going into a foster home.

This is about family
And long lost times

Because the two sisters had different upbringings you can see this and understand this as you read along.
The author really did get to the heart of things whilst writing this book.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

My thanks to Carina UK via Net galley for my copy

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