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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Review: The Case of Lisandra P.

The Case of Lisandra P. The Case of Lisandra P. by Hélène Grémillon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Why oh why oh why is this book being compared to The girl on the train & The silent wife?!
Its nothing like it.

Its very good though within its own rights.

A young woman the wife of a psychoanalyst is found at the foot of a six story building and her husband is accused of the murder.

His carer as psychoanalyst is interesting as it deals with the mind. Its a kind of combination of psychotherapy to cognetic therapy which seems to embrace a lot of the mental health therapy units in one. It was brought about by Sigmund Freud who was trying to use this to release the inner deep parts of the brain that tend to shut off in tragic shocking events. Use for depression. To help release what a patient has supressed due to an event that the brain doesn't want to remember or recall.

Understanding that bit of information helped me determined a lot of things along the way as regards her husband.

I found it quite fascinating.

Of course the husband says he is innocent and brings Eva into the equation for assistance. However, this is where it gets deeper. Eva has to face her demons, her inner sanctuary of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

We also learn a bit about Argentina. The political history. There are some horrific facts based in this book that you cringe at, awful, but it makes for compulsive reading.

It is said to be based upon a true story but its not filled in at the end or given anymore facts on that so a person can only assume.

I am very late reading this book due to an overflow or review material, but if you haven't taken a look at this yet, I hope I have whet your interest.

I provided this book by PENGUIN GROUP Penguin via Net galley

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