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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Review: Portraits of the Dead

Portraits of the Dead Portraits of the Dead by John Nicholl
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What attracted me to this authors first book when I came in contact with him via a group on Facebook was first the cover. I am a sucker for a good cover especially that relates to what is inside the book.
Then the blurb, then his background in real life.

Just look closely at this cover. Never ignore the front cover from this author. It tells a story.

I saw that White is the Coldest colour was his debut book. To have such a high regard for presentation was great to see. We are human and we 'eat' with our eyes, hence, I was hungry to read it.

From then, he has gone on to write the secound book in that series.

This book however is a stand alone, it does have a small mention to one of the main characters in his first book. But nothing major.

Portraits of the dead is a book that you need to set aside time for. Once you start reading it then you are hooked. The author has a very professional way as only recognized by top best sellers to have the ability to sustain a readers hunger for more. Top crime and psychological crime best sellers that you may know and love to read have a 'signature' its like a personality that shines. Its like an antique that you recognize belongs to a certain type of creator and this is something that John Nicholls has. His signature [or way of writing] comes through in his first book, and now it comes through in this one. I LOVE it.

What I love in his books so far is the ability to bring to a person the inside workings of an evil mind, a corrupt and distorted mind. It makes you wonder. These type of perpetrators have a conscience, but its a conscience that only they can excuse. Maybe others can excuse it too. Who knows.
We see this within the realms of each book that this author writes.

This takes a different kind of subject matter into a depth that you, the reader will find fascinating.
To put yourself in the shoes of the victim in this will relay how a person can gain some strength when undergoing duress.

I am aware not to give too much away, but the author has written this in such a way that you get a shock. A really wake up call to a twist that is so profound. An unexpectedness you would feel your mouth dropping to the floor and you having to lean down and pick it up again.


There one character that is mentioned stood out to me. This was apart from the two main ones and the Detective.
Let me know when you have read it, who you think I mean.

There are not heaps and heaps of characters to get your confused and a reader trying to keep up, no, not in this authors books. The simplicity that this author makes it this way makes it even more paramount in your head because you feel the characters, you get to know them, you get to imagine them inside your minds eye. They take on forms of a human shape as you read.

I feel honored to read for this author. I am no expert, I am 'just a reader who loves a good story' and its not difficult to give this book 5. I would give it much more.
He has written three books now and each one different but with his 'stamp' on it.

I can certainly see how he draws on his life experience and career he had. Although all of his books are fiction, they could be true.

This is an author within my top 4 that I so look forward to grabbing his next book hot off the press. I drop everything and read it because I know I am going to be well entertained, I am going to have my mind so solid in the story that nothing else matters until its finished.

This is also an author that I can remember where I was when I asked to read his very first book.
I remember his first book, his secound book and now I will remember this one. They are 'stand out from the crowd' books for sure.

If you've not read any of John Nicholl's books yet, may I encourage you to read this one which will be out soon.

I hear he is writing his 4th book, and I for one, cannot wait.
Everything comes to those who wait and the waiting is well worth it.

My thanks to the author for my copy, I will always be your cyber stalker [in a nice way]

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