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Monday, 8 August 2016

Review: Good Girl Bad Girl

Good Girl Bad Girl Good Girl Bad Girl by Ann Girdharry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Like all Journalist they like to be on top of their game, first on the scene and the best at their job.
If you are freelance, after all, you need to get the scoop to get the highest money.

Kal is no different.

She has been right in the center of danger, but that is the adrenaline that keeps Journalist enthralled and get the best story. This Kals job, this is Kals vocation.

Her Mother Alesha is an Investigation Journalist, a little bit different, but nevertheless is still a job that takes you on dangerous territory.

Kal gets asked by her Mother to return home, she needs her to help with an Investigation, but then, Aleshas mom's friend rings her to inform her that her Mother has gone missing.

A note is left behind, this is of no surprise as it seems to run in the family tradition of what is going on through generations in this family.

Personally I found it a bit lacking at the start, you really need to stay with it. It does pick up pace then it gets to a point where it seems drawn out again, but then picks up pace again.

Its a good story, I loved it, hence 4 stars, but it was hard going at times.
All in all though, an enjoyable read.
You just need to be patient for the pace to intensify now and again.

My thanks to the author and the person who contacted me to encourage me to read this book.

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