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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Review: Untouchable

Untouchable Untouchable by Sibel Hodge
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OHHHHH LET ME SAY how much I love this authors works.

I remember a few years ago now when I cheekily asked if if I could read her book. And from then on I await with bated breath for her next and her next and her next.

Yep, I am gushing, yep I am going on and on, but you may raise your eyes to the ceiling and feel "oh no here she goes again" not often to I rave and I raving now.
Foghorn out, large speakers.

You do not want to miss reading this.

I was lucky enough to get a very advanced copy of this new book by this author. Since reading her first thriller and it being one of that years Stand Out book from an avid bookworm and reviewer who reads loads each year I wondered what her next book would be like and if it would be an epic fail. I'm sure many of you readers know what I mean.

IT WASNT, it was another year of a Stand Out book from Sybel Hodge so when she asked me to read and comment on her latest venture I was....What? Me?

I took it on board happily and the story although is kinda of told in two parts, you will understand it immediantly. Because of what happened to this characters boyfriend something came to light.
So we get a huge insight bit by bit to how Jamie's childhood was.

His girlfriend didn't even know about his upbringing and the more she discovered the worse it got.

Jamie was found hung (yes a small spoiler) but I need to say this as its the start of events that follow.
When Jamie left for work that day happy and telling his girlfriend to look forward to tonight, did he mean this? Or did he mean he was going to ask to marry him?

A hunt goes on as she crosses paths with someone. Also when she discovers something left behind by Jamie.

This is a fast paced intense thriller that will sometimes make you gasp, cringe, make your jaw drop to the floor. Make your heart beat faster, make you read faster like your in a race.

This author has a gift. She isn't a writer, anyone can write. She has a talent, a pure gift that takes you on a journey that sometimes you want to close your eyes to, but you darent because you want to help, that takes you down roads that you feel are dead ends but seem to have invisible doors, that make you stay up all night reading it because how can you watch a movie halfway through? Well, it was like that. You can't switch your brain off, it stays with you. Even months later since I had to wait for my review to go up awaiting its release date.

An outstanding read by an outstanding author

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