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Monday, 13 June 2016

Review: Counting Chimneys: A novel of love, heartbreak and romance in 1960s Brighton

Counting Chimneys: A novel of love, heartbreak and romance in 1960s Brighton Counting Chimneys: A novel of love, heartbreak and romance in 1960s Brighton by Sandy Taylor
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the second book in the series, the first one was See Saw lane [which I haven't read yet and will need to] this can be read as a standalone as I have just done.
But I feel I need to go back on the lovely street of See Saw lane to see and hear and experience the characters who were also in this read.

Its 1969 and Dottie is experiencing life as an adult living in London, away from Brighton where she was breathing in the lovely sunshine and sea air. With her gorgeous boyfriend, her new job, a place to live, what else can a girl want?

Then Dottie returns home one day to the sea air, smell of fish and chips, her memories for a family celebration. However, she doesn't expect to bump into Ralph.

Ralph was her first love. They were soul mates, friends and truly had an excellent relationship when they were younger, but, Ralph broke her heart.

Did Dottie ever get over Ralph?
Did Ralph ever get over Dottie?

Ralph married Dotties friend and had a child. But Ralphs wife died. Dottie got over Ralph marrying her best friend, but now Ralph is with another.

Dottie loves Joe, but its all gone sour. She starts questioning herself.

I found that Dottie was a really nice person, sometimes she found it hard to do the right thing, her heart was saying one thing and her mind was reasoning another.

I loved her Landlady, she was a character but, she was like a second Mom to Dottie with great advice as well as her own Mother.

Dottie's Father I felt kept into the background rather a lot and poked his head up in the story on occasion but really came into his own towards the end of the book.

The two 'theatrical' men friends of hers were funny, a joy to read and helped Dottie in a lot of ways.
I was intrigued with their story that came out towards the end of the books chapters, I would like to see that unfold more and how that affected them.

Remember this book is based around the 1960's so you need to get your mindset into that era.
I love these type of reads they were ones that I truly were introduced to in my teenage years from authors who wrote similar books as this. I went from Catherine Cookson to family dramas such as this, I have always found them a 'good' read and flow along nicely.

You can put this book down and pick it back up again at your leisure as its a nice gradually progression that the authors journey takes you on.

This made a nice change to have a story that has family drama, love and romance without the hyped sex, the attraction, the angst and dilemma's that I have experienced within the pages of this read.

I really did love it.

My thanks to Bookouture via Net galley for my advance copy.

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