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Friday, 20 May 2016

Review: Mute Witness

Mute Witness Mute Witness by Rick R. Reed
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Subject such as this in reading material take a certain kind of author to relate things in writing to they're audience, the reader. And I feel this author selected the right balance.

The is not just about a missing child.
This is also about a gay couple that live in the same village as the missing child and one of those partners is the child's Father.
Sean is his partner.

We all know how most villages are said to be, gossipy little places.
But then, most people gossip they just don't admit to it.

When Jason, his little boy goes missing he unites with his wife to look for their missing child.

Sean sort of takes a back seat as he isn't really involved at first only in the support of Austin and of course, his concern over the child. But its his partners child he had with the Mother when they were together.

Someone leaves the child battered and bruised and in a bad way outside the hospital.

The parents are told and they go. Yes, its their son.

The sexual predator that made their son a victim is 'out there somewhere', but of course, the parents concern is to get their child through this. He is not only battered he has emotional scars and physical ones from the sexual acts that were performed on him.

Its not an easy book to read but its a 'unputdownable' book to read in that the author does a good job of 'what next' and it involves a whole heap of stuff.

Rapes, kidnapping, road traffic accident.

Getting in the mind of a parent is easy if you are one, and this is one of the hardest things to accept that there are people out there like this. We cannot bury our heads in the sand.
I know this is fiction but it could very well be fact.

Going back to the open gay couple in the village, people start to suspect Austins partner Sean.
Of course, easy target. But was it him?

Narrow minded people.

I haven't read one of this authors books before as he usually writes horror and I hide behind sofa's with that genre, so this one must have come as a surprise to many of his fans.
I was expecting something horrific, and this was certainly horrific.

I couldn't help but wonder how Jason is going to fair out there. Its hard enough for adults who have been raped but a little kid?
And as a Mother, would you want them to leave your side ever again.

This is NOT a love story this is a tragedy that brings two people closer together and friends and family.

I wondered about the Police bit though, because that annoyed me, I didn't think enough was being done.

I recommend this book, just remember, its hard to read, but the author has done a superb job if you can face facts that things like this DOES happen and we need to face it, deal with it and protect our young.

I also feel the lesson is
1. Stop judging people on their sexuality
2. Predjustice is not justice.

There are a heap of things going on that it is fast paced.

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