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Monday, 25 April 2016

Review: Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek Hide and Seek by Amy Bird
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This story is told from 2 perspectives, Will and Ellie, its quite easy to follow and interesting view of family life. I'd say its like looking through a window watching another family.

This is a psychological thriller, but its not got my brain cells moving, I have read a lot of "family" type books so far this year and last year, and almost all families have lies they want to keep hidden, nothing new there.

When we learn of this secret get prepared that it might blow the family apart but then.......
another secret that really took me by surprise.

I wasn't expecting this.

The characters in this book are darn right horrid, but I don't think we were meant to like them, were we? Well, I know I didn't take to any of them.

Although the book is good, I have enjoyed better books. I came to the table late to read this one as there was a lot of hype so wanted it to die down and read for myself.

Overall, I thought it to be a great read, but nothing to shout about.

*Thank you to Carina UK via Net Galley for my copy*

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