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Monday, 18 April 2016

Review: Confessions of a Sex Therapist

Confessions of a Sex Therapist Confessions of a Sex Therapist by Jane Emery
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Why I wonder for someone who reads family drama, psychological thrillers and some chit lit have I accepted from the author to read and review this?

Well, sometimes its nice to have a change, keeps my mind fresh, but I didn't think my mind would explode with hot sweats [and that's not related to my menopause!]

I did find there wasn't an awful lot of a story, in the way it lead anywhere I mean, for example like a thriller, but this sure gets you hot under the cover.

Whilst the Therapist is helping others we learn more about her as well.

Its steamy [so if you wear glasses, get some wipes] its hot [so don't put the heating on there is no need] its OUCH to the touch [ so make sure you sit somewhere away from people when reading this or you will be wriggling in your seat]

Start reading this, grab your partners, grab your spouse, grab anyone you like because after this, when you get to the climax, you may want more.

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