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Friday, 15 January 2016

Review: Wave to Papa

Wave to Papa Wave to Papa by Erin Lee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

We read so often about women falling in love with the 'wrong kinda guy'. Some women can go to one after the other guy and form a relationship with the same 'type' of guy, now why that is, who knows.

But when children are involved, its a whole heap of trouble that you might be responsible for if this guy turns out to me 'not so nice'.

This little boy Noah has been hurt by his stepfather. The first time it happened, his mom agreed that it was an accident. Or was it.
The second time it happened...........
And here is Noah in a plaster caste.

But Mom, she doesn't want to believe that her fella can do such a thing, oh no, hes a nice guy. He wouldn't harm the child.

And there starts the line of protection of some guys, and here starts the line of continued abuse to this child.

The Court Judge in this instance in this book, I reallywanted to sit in judgement on him!

Lets just ask, is there room for error when it comes to protection of our children?

There is a whole heap of things within the pages of this book. We find that Mom has other children, not living at home, we hear from here daughter Anna who seems much wiser in some instances than her own mother.

This is a story of sadness, disbelief and hope.

And we get a window into why Mom is like she is and why she makes certain mistakes.

This is an author Erin Lee who was [until now] unknown to me, but with reading this story and how she writes it so very well, even though its a very emotive subject matter, she has excelled herself. I really was glued to this book.

My thanks to the blog tour host and the author for allowing me an early advanced copy to read and review

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