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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Review: An Unfamiliar Murder

An Unfamiliar Murder An Unfamiliar Murder by Jane Isaac
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Yeah! So this book now has become available for us in the UK.
Set in the Midlands is a great place for a story.

I have read other books by Jane Isaac which I have thoroughly enjoyed so when I was able to read this one too, I was thrilled. I had several reasons to be thrilled.

1. This was her first book and I wanted to see what her debut novel was like. [OK so I am going backwards]

2. How she has progressed.

Well you know what, she did an outstanding job on this book and I can see why she has so many followers now which includes me.
Her books are well written, the pace is enough to get your juices flowing and keep on turning those pages and enough mystery that makes you chase after the next chapter, then the next chapter, then the next chapter until you realize, oh, is that the time?

I am unable to sit down and read one of Jane Isaac's books without setting time aside to finish it in one sitting if humanly possible or its like putting a film on pause for the next day just when you get to a critical, can't do that.

Imagine this...
arriving home and finding a dead body in your living room, blood everywhere .....what the heck.

What leads on from this is a trail that leads the murder to her....WHAT.
Each time she denies it and submits her innocents they turn up with more proof....WHAT THE HELL.

Its sometimes a cat and mouse chase, but its a thrilling read that will definitely keep you reading.

*Thank you Jane Isaac's for allowing me to read this*

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